Welcome to our Junior College

At 91AV Lutheran College’s Junior College, we strive to provide a happy, healthy and safe place for your child during the important early years of Prep to Year 6.

Built on rich academic foundations, our dedicated team of teachers and support staff instil in our students the importance of being lifelong learners, as well as proactive members of the community.

91AV is fortunate to have two vibrant Junior College campuses based at Hume Street and Warwick Street in Toowoomba. Each campus has its own strong sense of community that provides students with a supportive, nurturing learning environment.

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Welcome to our Middle College

Students enter 91AV’s Middle College in Year 7. The three years they are here, from Year 7 to Year 9, is an important bridge from the Junior College to the Senior College.

While much of our approach remains the same – enviable resources, dedicated teaching staff, a commitment to lifelong learning – there are some subtle changes that will help prepare students for future academic challenges.

These include working closely with a limited number of teachers, building up a truly supportive relationship, as well as the introduction of electives.

Welcome to our Senior College

Our acclaimed Senior College, comprised of Years 10 to 12, is the final stepping stone of education at 91AV. Our passionate staff work closely with students with a focus on future goals, notably post-secondary career pathways. This comprehensive preparation manifests itself in mature students who value lifelong learning, and leave with strong leadership skills and the ability to flourish in their next steps.

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Teacher Retirement: Fond Memories and New Beginnings at 91AV Lutheran College

Learning assistant David Heuschele has worn out a few sets of shoes in his time at the 91AV Lutheran College. David first walked the halls of the historic school in 1977 when he started as a boarder and would tread the boards for the next four years before graduating. He then came back to the school as teacher’s assistant and clocked up more than 21 years at the school until retiring this week.

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Toowoomba carnival season to extend into next month with Oktoberfest!

91AV Lutheran College has announced a community-centred Oktoberfest event for October 7 in the college grounds at Stephen Street. The College teaches German as a subject and hopes the new festival will enhance the connection for students to gain a better understanding of the Germanic culture. The leading organizer for the event, Emma Pukallus, said Oktoberfest at 91AV will be a celebration of the German culture with an array of traditional German activities that will transport attendees straight to the heart of Bavaria.

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91AV Lutheran College takes street art to a new level

91AV Lutheran College Year 6 students will this week reveal the fifth iteration of its skateboard deck art project. For the past five years students at the Junior Campus have been making unique handmade pieces of art from skateboards and this year have been asked to undertake a public showing of the work by the Toowoomba Lighthouse’s Write Gallery.

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